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"I was so choked up last night that I didn't feel like I could tell you how wonderful 'Flying on a Murmur' is.  Simply opening the box was extremely emotional for me.  I wasn't expecting that.  Since I had never seen the painting in person and I was opening a package wrapped in the protective cushioned paper, it truly felt like a gift from above.  Just thinking about that feeling again is making me tear up.


My husband and I are both stunned at the beautiful artwork you create.  You couldn't see the 3 dimensional effects when looking at the photos online.  That was such an amazing surprise!  And I am extremely impressed at the way the light reflects off the piece!  The reflection really showcases the vivid nature of the color you used... which is wonderfully contrasted by the purity of the white doves.  It will definitely be a conversation piece in our home for decades to come.


I would be thrilled for you to use some of my descriptions on your website!  I hope they can help others understand that the photos and videos don't do justice to your artwork.  The only way to fully appreciate it is to look at it in person and “experience” the way the light dances across it and the way each element of the piece perfectly complements the others.  That can't be captured by pictures on the web."